assessment centreThe assessment centre St. Petersburg real Estate provides consulting services on business planning and examination of business plans of enterprises and organizations of all kinds.

Business planning is a complex of measures aimed at comprehensive planning of building a business or investment project.

Key areas of business planning:

Analysis of the current situation

Marketing plan

The production plan

The sales plan

Organizational plan

Investment plan

Financial plan

The identification of risks and ways to neutralize them

Methodological framework of business planning:

Business plans developed by us, comply with the following procedures and standards:

Methodical recommendations according to efficiency of investment projects (appr. The Ministry of economy of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance and the state construction Committee of the Russian Federation dated 21.06.1999, No. VK 477)

Methods of estimation of efficiency of investment projects, developed by the United Nations industrial development organization (UNIDO) taking into account Russian specifics ;

The standards of leading Russian and foreign banks, infrastructure funds (RUSNANO, RVC, VEB, IFC, etc.)

Range of services:

Development of feasibility study for the project

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the project and preparation of the project summary (investment certificates)

Development of a business plan for internal use

Development of business plan for external delivery (incl. for banks, potential investors, public corporations, etc.)

Independent examination of the business plan provided by the client

Advising clients on business planning

According to the results of client projects include:

The business plan (including analysis of needs, opportunities and constraints, as well as a plan for achieving business goals)

Financial and economic model (including multivariate solutions)

Our advantages:

The method of the work involving optimization of business ideas clients;

Extensive experience of cooperation with leading Russian banks, a high level of understanding of requirements of the credit institutions to the business plans;

The organization is searching for potential sources of funding business planning;

Protection business plan to potential investors.