new business always requiresOrganization of a new business always requires a serious and thorough preparation. But in our country the entrepreneur who starts their own business, have a particularly hard time. Before the start of any business entrepreneur should go through an endless series of approvals and permits relating to the registration of the enterprise, search of premises, purchase of equipment, licensing, etc. often in the planning of future economic activity simply do not have neither forces, nor time. More disappointing is the entrepreneur that you’ve created with such difficulty the business is not yielding the desired results, or just turns out to be unprofitable.

We offer you a product designed to help the entrepreneur not only write a good business plan is one of the proposed enterprises, but also to do it with minimum time spent on collecting information required for the selected business.

The main objective that we set ourselves the authors of the project – development of practical guidelines on the organization of enterprises in various fields of production and services sector containing the real information, the entrepreneur needs to prepare its own business plan. As a result there were prepared six “model” business plans that are intended for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business or to expand an already existing business.

As “model” are business plans in the following areas of production and services:

Unlike many guides and tutorials on business planning, the offered product contains only the necessary minimum guidelines, which allow to collect missing data and to take into account the individual characteristics of Your business plan.

The authors will consider their task fulfilled if the proposed business model will help You to realistically assess their opportunities, save time searching for necessary information and avoid common mistakes in starting one’s own business.

Work with teaching materials

In the CE business models have similar overall structure, that allows to move from gathering the necessary information, drafting of real financial plan Your production and risk assessment. Each section of the manuals, in turn, is structured so that You could get the answers to the following questions:

What problems are solved in this section?

How to address the task?

What information do I have to use?

How to find the necessary information and in what form it is better to submit?

How to analyze the collected data?

To facilitate comprehension of the material each business model contains a practical example that allows the entrepreneur to clearly trace the course of development of the business plan in the selected specific conditions. Because the reality for almost every new company will have its own characteristics (location of enterprise, production capacity, size of the premises, the terms of the lease, the situation in the local market, available financial and human resources, etc.), to create a completely “universal” model of any business is impossible. Therefore, the initial data considered in textbook examples of changes carry in Your own business plan. At the end of each section You are invited to answer the questions, collecting the required data, or by using the information provided in the Annexes to this business model. This information has been prepared on the basis of actually conducting research and may be used by the entrepreneur in preparing their own business plan.

Support this project implemented by the EURASIA Foundation with funds provided by the Agency for International Development United States of America (USAID).