Business plan for rabbit breedingBreeding rabbits – a business is more than attractive. Valuable dietary meat rabbits is a strong demand, in addition, you are able to get additional profit from the sale of pelts or fluff bunnies (depending on what breed you choose). If you have a private house, it is possible to organize the breeding of rabbits at home, and you can create very serious farm for breeding rabbits.

To those who decided to start a small business on the breeding of rabbits, raises two main questions: what breeds of rabbits to choose and what is the method to grow them. There are various breeds of rabbits and their ways of cultivation, the choice you have to make yourself, having examined the relevant literature on rabbit breeding and taking into account your financial possibilities.

We offer you sample business plan for rabbit breeding by well-known methods Mikhailov. Rabbit Mikhailova widely known in Russia and abroad, much has been written about him in the press, and this method of breeding rabbits successfully used in many farms.

Traditional breeding techniques offer the contents of rabbits in small cages, receiving various growth stimulating additives, etc. In the method of Mikhailov’s all gone, and the modern consumer seeks to purchase environmentally friendly products, no harmful chemical additives.

Therefore, the best prospects are small business focused on innovative and environmentally friendly methods of production, a fundamentally new approach to their businesses. By the way, and the government is willing to help the small business that uses innovative technology.

The business plan of the farm for breeding rabbits

The production part. Breeding rabbits by the method of Mikhailov involves the keeping of animals in a special mini-farms, which are called “mini-farm, MICRO”. Mounted on the outdoor Playground, mini-farm covers an area of 1.4 sq. m. One such farm is put up 30 goals rabbits, and an average of 13.

One minifarm requires 500 kg of feed and 250 kg of hay per year. On one rabbits need 14 kg of feed and 7 kg of hay. Yield – 1 rabbit (4-6 kg) in 10 days. The period of capital turnover is about 100 days.

There is not one model farms for growing rabbits, there are several models, including bunk. What is the number of mini-farm will be at your farm – it’s up to you, large space they don’t require. For example, a farm, raising rabbits, and consists of 16 mini-farm is just one hundred infield. To serve her once a week, performance — about ten rabbits — “giants” on a weekly basis.

Farm work is mechanized: there is a special hay feeder, automatic drinking bowl and the gravity combicorolla. So the service takes 30-40 minutes per week.

To heat farms required only at temperatures below +10 °C, the energy consumption is 30 watts.

The main farm in Saint-Petersburg can be trained, you can also order literature describing methods of cultivation accelerated rabbits and drawings for the manufacture of mini-farm. There are other farms that help in the organization of small business raising rabbits. For example, the farm “Caligula” (Novosibirsk), unpk “Belagro” (Belgorod) and others.

Of course, only farm for promising small businesses will not be sufficient to obtain maximum profit from breeding rabbits it is desirable to organize the processing plant products, plant-company, making clothes from the skins of rabbits, the site for production of vermicompost.

Business plan farms for the breeding of rabbits. Expenses and income.

Manufacturer farms can be carried out independently or to order, costs can vary from 5 to 20 thousand rbl. without additional equipment.

The yield from 100 kg of meat, 55-60 skins.

Payback period – from six months up to 8 months.

Efficient production it is recommended to organize 300 mini-farm. In this case, the cost will be about 350 thousand rubles. per year (excluding the cost of the trusses and taxes), income

1.5 million rubles.