considerable experience of business planningWe have considerable experience of business planning, including in the field of “clean technologies”. Optimal format, we believe the creation of a full-fledged business plan, although you can perform only the marketing part or only calculations.

Typical tasks solved by the acquisition of a business plan:

objective assessment of the prospects of the project;

the focus of the investor or lender on the strengths of the project.

If the Customer does not give specific requirements for the design, dictated to him by the lender or investor business plans are executed according to the requirements of UNIDO, with the evaluation of multiple scenarios and sensitivity analysis of the project to changes in the parameters of the external and internal environment. Work on drawing up a business plan executes in close contact with the Customer for the most objective and reflect the characteristics of the project.

The time required to develop a business plan – 1 week.

Audit business plan

We provide service to audit business plans. We will help You to formulate questions to the contractor business plan:

we indicate the errors on the form and composition of the business plan;

will analyze the objectivity and completeness of the marketing part;

carry out the analysis of the correctness of the choice of initial parameters of the environment;

identify errors in calculations and sensitivity analysis;

please rate the completeness of these risks.

Audit of the business plan costs significantly less than the services of business planning, but allows you to get high-quality and independent opinion on the conformity with the wishes of the lender or the investor.