concept of business planningIn our country the concept of business planning appeared in 1991. At this time, the business plan called for almost any forward-looking document, while in a broad sense, the business plan is formalized economic instrument for the future, allowing us to formulate a complete picture and a business model for the creation or development of a new business or direction.

The business plan in its classical form has five main sections:

1. The essence of the project

2. Market analysis

3. Organizational plan

4. The production plan

5. Financial plan

Depending on the detail of each section, we can distinguish different types of business plans.

0) the Formation of the business idea. In fact, is not the business plan in its modern sense, as it carries exclusively the narrative business plan of the project with preliminary cost estimates-revenues. Sort of, presentation of ideas for the future entrepreneur.

1) a Business plan for grants, grants for district administrations, municipalities, which has in its budget funds intended for the development of small business. As a rule, these business plans for professionals narrow the industry who wish to become entrepreneurs and requiring limited initial funding.

2) Preparation of the business model of the company. In fact this is the main aspects of the business. The process of developing a business model is part of the business strategy.

3) a Business plan for different areas of activities and requirements of all banks (Sberbank, Rosselkhozbank, VTB and others)

A business plan is not only a formal document provided to the Bank, lenders, investors, partners and authorities to attract funding. Professionally made business plan is a tool of the entrepreneur, allowing you to see the whole map its market.

4) Feasibility study – business plan with expanded production part. A large base of experts in various industries allows us to formulate any technical aspect of Your business. Often in technical and economiesa justification does not analyse the market.

5) Investment Memorandum – preliminary business plan, the emphasis in the investment Memorandum is made on the description of the business idea, the business model and the company that implements it.

6) development Strategy of the company

Is often a consequence of the extended customized marketing research.

There are 4 types of strategy:

– Product development strategy (new product + existing market)

– Strategy of expanding presence in existing market (existing products + existing market);

– Strategy development for new markets (existing product + new market);

–Diversification (new market + new product).

Additional products:

1) Financial model

The financial model is a file prepared in the form of a spreadsheet, typically using Microsoft Office Excel. It includes the calculation of cash flows and outcome indicators in accordance with the objectives of the project (project profitability, IRR, business value, NPV, payback period, loan repayment period, etc.) depending on the parameters of production, business, market, etc.

2) presentation of the project

Before starting a business phase of start-up there must always be two ready-made tool: Business plan and project presentation.

Pricing LLC “Portal” when developing business plans clear enough – the cost depends on the detail and thoroughness of each section.