Business planningThe purpose of developing the business plan – to plan the economic activity of firms in the nearest and distant periods in accordance with market needs and opportunities, obtain necessary resources. The business plan helps the entrepreneur to solve the following main tasks:

• identify specific areas of activity, target markets and the location of firms in these markets;

• to formulate long-term and short-term goals of the company, the strategy and tactics to achieve them. Identify the persons responsible for implementing the strategy;

• select the composition and to identify indicators of goods and services to be offered by the firm to consumers. To evaluate production and trade costs for their creation and implementation;

• identify compliance with existing personnel of the company, the terms of the motivation of their work requirements to achieve these goals;

to determine the composition of the marketing activities of the firm in market research, advertising, sales promotion, pricing, distribution channels;

• assess the financial position of the company and compliance with the available financial and material resources opportunities to achieve goals;

• to provide for the difficulties, pitfalls that may hinder the practical implementation of the business plan.

In conditions of market relations is exceptionally large role in the analysis of the financial condition of the company. This is due to the fact that businesses are becoming independent activities and take full responsibility for the results of production and economic activity in front of the co-owners (shareholders), employees, Bank and creditors.

Financial analysis begins with the study of the composition and structure of assets of the enterprise according to the balance. Balance to give an overall assessment of changes in total assets of the enterprise, to allocate in the current (mobile) and non-current (immobilized) funds to study the dynamics of the structure of the property. Under the structure refers to the percentage of individual groups of assets within these groups.

Analysis of the dynamics of composition and structure of the property allows you to set the size of the absolute and relative increase or decrease in total assets of the enterprise and of individual species. Increase (decrease) in asset indicates the extension (contraction) of the enterprise activity.

Analyzing the reasons for the increase in the value of the property business, you must consider the impact of inflation, high levels of which leads to significant deviations of the nominal balance sheet data from the real.

To survive in the conditions of market economy and prevent the bankruptcy of the enterprise, one must know how to manage finances, what should be the capital structure on the composition and sources of education, what proportion should take its own money and some borrowed.