analysis of the marketGenerated values: “Nearly 100% of innovation – from business to politics – not begin with an analysis of the market, and people who are highly sick of what is happening around them.” – Tom Peters .

Milestones and future plans: “If the idea is at first glance not seem absurd, then she has no hope of survival.” – albert Einstein .

Operational plan: “the Secret of creativity lies in the ability to hide your sources.” – albert Einstein . >>>

Financial success

Generated values: “money can’t buy happiness but you can rent them.&”–Unknown author .

Short story: “I grew up in a very poor family. If I was a boy, I have not had any toys.” – Rudnya, Dangerfield .

Target market : “Wealth is any income that is at least $ 100 per year more than the income of the husband of the sister of your wife.” – Henry Louis Mencken . >>>

Product: “Love is temporary insanity curable by marriage .” – Ambrose Bierce.

Management skills love. “one should always be in love. For this reason, do not follow him to marry ever.” – Oscar Wilde.

Competition: “he who loves himself, no rivals.” – Benjamin Franklin. >>>

A successful marriage

Generated values: “If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men criticism of one, go ahead – get married.” – Katherine Hepburn.

Short story: “Adam and eve had the perfect marriage. Adam had to listen to stories about the man, for which eve would get married, and eve didn’t have to listen to the stories about how mom prepares delicious Adam.” – Kimberly Broyles.

The risk associated with the creation of “Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women, hoping that those will not change. As a result, each is inevitably disappointed.” – albert Einstein. >>>

Master of communication

Target market: “I love to talk to people who clearly Express my thoughts.&”–Unknown author .

Other risks include “Any person has the right to say what he thinks truth, and every other man has the right to give him in the face.” – Samuel Butler.

Competition: “There is nothing more annoying than continuous chatter of people whose conversation you’re trying to get stuck.” – mark TWAIN . >>>